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Refer a Friend


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Participate in the Workast referral program and earn!

Refer your friends, be part of their professional success and earn bonuses with Workast.


The process is very simple:

  1. Register yourself and your referral.

  2. Workast will enter you into a process.

  3. If your candidate is hired, you earn a bonus of $4,000.00.



Fill out the following form

Participant data

Data of the candidate to refer

It is an essential requirement that your referral has Mexican nationality and a level of conversational English.

Submitted form.

I declare and manifest under oath to tell the truth, that the data provided and information expressed in this box are reliable, true and current, for which I grant my broadest consent and authorization to"WORKAST"to make use of them, the above for any purpose related to the referral program"Refer and earn with Workast"Likewise, I exclude and release from all responsibility"WORKAST"Regarding the use you make with the data and information provided for the purposes established within the terms and conditions of said program, in addition to the above, I expressly submit at all times to the privacy notice, its modifications and/or updates established on the platform. and/or website

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